Sparking transformation through healthy habit integration, mindset shift and goal work in a 6 week group setting.

Evolve guides curious soul seekers to align with their highest self through integration of healthy habits, self study and goal work. Learn where your blocks are and how to reroute within the comfort of a safe space and supportive group.

Don't know anything about starting to eat healthy, exercise or meditate? That's ok! You get a basic infrastructure to bring more essential self care into your daily life. In the weekly group calls you get guidance in modifying the work we do for your needs, curate a routine that gets you excited to practice, and learn to identify and stand up to what's holding you back.​




Detailed guides on how to start, continue and grow your movement, meditation and breath practices.


Learn the language of your body and what it truly wants. Grow into a healthy and supportive relationship with food.


Weekly video call with a supportive group to discover and remove blockages. Learn how to identify how you get in your own way and how to break free in this supportive safe space.


Gain tools to integrate meaningful change into your busy life. Improve your relationship with yourself and those around you.

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Evolve Group Coaching is for those who have a deeper sense of awareness, empaths, light workers, bodyworkers, boss babes, boss dudes and other humans that are on the healing journey, or want to begin.

If you've hit a wall and don’t know where to go, a group coaching course can help you see your thought patterns, blockages and habits in a new way.

Evolve teaches a streamlined integration process that brings transformational tools to your life. You’ll learn to create habits critical to your growth. These habits help you step into the life you want by designing it from the inside out. You'll literally live into it.

So If you want to start committing to a daily self care routine, showing up as your best self and living into your dreams hit me up cause this is just for you!



  • Access to a 6 week coaching group

  • 1 hour private coaching session to identify and asses your personal blockages

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates

  • Assistance in beginning your consistent meditation, movement, and breath work practices

  • Guidance in developing intuitive eating habits

  • Exclusive meditations, workouts, yoga practices, plant based recipes, pranayamas and other content just for those in the SoulFit Community

  • Support in guided self study, journaling, and goal work

  • Option for short and long term payment plans

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Next Group Launch: September 2020

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